Professional Development

Business Coaching

Change the direction of your professional career or motivate your team to increase productivity. We mentor and facilitate you (and your team) to provide objectivity, guidance, and assistance to meet your goals or complete specific projects. 

Employee Training


Coaching Session Options

Becoming a Consultant

Individual Session Options Vary

It has been your dream to become your business owner or to strike out as a healthcare, human resources, or marketing consultant. These one-hour sessions focus on defining your goals, setting actionable steps, and gaining guidance through implementation. Your professional coach will guide you through the steps needed to become a consultant.

$108.00 / session

Managing Your Business

Individual Session Options Vary

Running your business hasn’t been a ride in the park. It has been a challenging ride. These sessions focus on defining your organizational goals, setting actionable steps, and gaining guidance while utilizing improved skills to motivate, empower, and set accountability in your business. Your professional coach will help you stay on track and motivate you into action.

$108.00 / session

Motivating Your Team to Increase Productivity

Team Size and Meeting Length Vary

Together, your small team will get a strong sense of belonging when they work towards overarching organizational goals and understand how their role directly affects this outcome. We facilitate your team activity to motivate and engage each team member and assist in defining actionable goals for both the team and the individual.

Starts at $375.00*


Why Hire Coaching Services

Improve Performance

Professionally develop skills related to your job position (or desired role) .

Enhance Culture

Foster a more cohesive culture that embraces entrepreneurialship and cooperative experiences within the workplace.

Executive Presence

Build upon your professional (and individual) skill set with improved communication and listening skills.

Improve Productivity

Cultivate motivational techniques to improve overall productivity and influence others to be engaged in their work.

External Objective Perspective

An outside perceptive given without the need of accoutability, authority, internal politics and preconceptions is invalueable.

Open Communication

No need to hold back when faced with frustrations and challenges.

Achieve Operational Excellence


Employee Handbook

Your customized legal employee handbook protects your business and answers what it is like to work there. We keep them compliant when laws change.

Advertising and Marketing

Organizational Management

Organizational governance and management tools of policies and standards set the stage for what rules and procedures are needed.

Privacy and Security Regulations

Business SOPs and Guides

Operational manuals communicate how to complete certain standard jobs and procedures. We help you break them down into easy-to-follow actionable tasks. 

Who We Work With

Recharge Consultants

We are excited to offer individualized consultation and "done-for-you" services to our small to medium business and healthcare-based clients.

  • Accounting / Bookkeeping
  • Cybersecurity
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Customer Experiences / Patient Experiences
  • Regulation / Compliance
  • Security Audits and Assessments
  • Healthcare: Audiologists, Eye Care Clinics, Family Therapists, Chiropractic Clients, Dentistry, Private Physician and Practitioner Offices, Mental Health Psychologist Offices, Long-Term Facilities and Homes, Home Health Care Providers, Rehabilitation Clinics, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), Adult Family Homes (AFH).
  • Business Associates: Medical Coders and Insurance Specialists, Medical Equipment Providers, and Medical Records and Health Information Specialists (Coding).
  • Small & Medium Businesses: Information and Technology, Real Estate, Rental and Leasing, Oil and Gas Service Providers, Educational Services, Non-Profits, and many others.

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