About Recharge Digital Consultants

We are excited to assist our small to medium-business, medical, dental, and wellness clients in starting up, establishing, and improving core processes and developing growth so that they can succeed in empowering employees, delivering top-notch customer experiences, and recharging their technological innovation efforts.


Who is Recharge Digital Consultants

Recharge Digital Consultants is a small group of remote-first business professionals who are passionate about helping small to medium businesses succeed.

We believe how you do business is just as important as why.

Regardless of your industry, how you do business has a direct relationship to its success.

Whether you are a medical practitioner more focused on helping your patients than aligning your practice with HIPAA requirements, a sole bookkeeper managing multiple client accounts seeking to stay on track with each task or an owner of an adult family or group home needing to hire compassionate caregivers and share your employee handbook with all your employees, your HOW is a critical aspect of your professional relationships.

We guide and offer services to strengthen your processes to help propel your growth. We use our experience to help streamline operations by providing you with written documentation of your processes by turning them into usable, easy-to-follow, sharable policies and procedures, checklists, standard operation manuals, etc. Plus, we digitally share and store them in an easily accessible device-friendly application of your choice.

We provide project-based pricing to assist with:

  • Easy-to-understand process documentation and training.
  • Implementation guidance and coaching that promotes accountability for long-term success.
  • Follow-by-all practices and training based upon your successful processes.
Common Core Business Processes

Common Core Business Processes

These could include:

Accounting / Bookkeeping

Human Resources

Marketing / Sales

Customer (Patient) Experiences

Regulation / Compliance

Common Compliance Assessments

Our third-party governance activities include:

IT Security Governance

Professional Memberships

Accredited Small Business Consultants (ASBC®)
Association of Business Process Management Professionals International (ABPMP International)
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
American Marketing Association (AMA)
American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
National Native American Human Resources Association (NNAHRA)
American Society for Quality (ASQ)
Custom Management Portal

Our Management Portal

Our easy-to-use Service Solution Packages include access to our custom Management portal that allows you to manage your employees, employee-related documents, and training at your fingertips. 

  • Share and share your important organizational documents.
  • Allows for electronic signatures.
  • Access to customizable forms, policies, and procedures.
  • Online training modules, such as employment, HIPAA, IPC, OSHA, and more.
  • Customized Employee Onboarding and Orientation.*
  • Customized Compliance Assessments, Review Calendar, and Documentation

Employee Handbook

Your customized legal employee handbooks protect your practice that answer what it is like to work at your business. We keep them compliant when laws change.

Privacy and Security Regulations

Business Guides

Operational manuals communicate how to complete certain tasks and jobs. We help you break them down into easy to follow actionable tasks. 

Advertising and Marketing

Customer Content

Educate your customers in the form of blog posts, ebooks, infographics, videos, and more. We help you draft your marketing and sales materials.


Why Choose Us?

Process Documentation

Process Documentation

Business Processes

Expending time to document your processes is a time-consuming task. Often details are left off and forgotten. Other times, process documentation can uncover areas of needed improvement. We carefully and diligently interview, capture, and document your business processes for you.  

Instructional Training Design

Instructional Training Design

Training and Development

Designing training for adult learners can mean differentiating successful outcomes from poor ones. Whether you intend to onboard new hires or develop talent, we can assist with guidance, resources, and deliverables to make your training successful.

Content and Media Creation

Content and Media Creation

Training and Development

Graphics, infographics, images, photos, and videos are all components of an engaging training session. Our creative team utilizes their skills and talents to create educational support to enhance training materials. 


About the US

Recharge Digital Consultants

We are a group of business, human resource, information technology, and marketing professionals passionate about helping small to medium businesses succeed. We believe how (processes) you do business is just as important as why (purpose).   


Why Work with Us?


Process Improvements

Fill in skills gaps and bring innovative ideas and new working methods that can contribute to real process improvements and efficiencies. 


Coaching and Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge, expert skills, and influence provide a much broader and deeper understanding of business trends, industry challenges, and new technologies and processes than internal employees.


Experienced Outside Perspective

An outside perspective can recharge a stagnant project and provide fresh air and objectivity based on what has been seen and experienced.


Time and Cost Savings

By paying only for the services you need when you need them, you save money and time. There is no need to reinvent the wheel or lose valuable time to something that an expert consultant can complete.

Why Work with Us?

We Work With a Wide Range of Industries

Recharge Consultants

Recharge Digital Consultants proudly assist key players in several industries with consulting, done-for-you, and do-it-yourself services.

Our core process areas of education and experience are in: 

  • Accounting / Bookkeeping
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Customer Experiences / Patient Experiences
  • Regulation / Compliance

Industries we assist:


    What Our Clients Say

    “Cherisa oversees my office manual, employee documentation, social media presence, etc & 100 other items I don’t have the time or desire to keep current. She puts out fires before I see the smoke. What would I ever do without her on my team!”

    Dr. W. Neale, DDS, MS

    “Cherisa works with me often to assist in the updating of my website. She has such a strong gift of insight into what revisions are needed and what updating is needed in content. Cherisa is organized, creative, punctual and humorous. I thoroughly enjoy working with Cherisa. I would recommend her for new and mature projects.”

    D. Swift

    “Cherisa clearly states the challenges businesses face and helps you find the best approaches that work for you.”

    J. Browne

    “I have worked with Cherisa a few times over the years. She is very knowledgeable about her industry and does a great job of helping your business.”

    K. McClain

    “Cherisa is a knowledgeable and insightful person in business management and IT development. She works well with management and frontline staff and is able to get the right infrastructure set up that works well for all parties involved. She is an asset to all who work with her.”

    C. Carson

    “Cherisa is a knowledgeable, skilled, and dependable professional in business management, technical services, and project management.”

    M. Meccia

    Very professional and extremely helpful navigating the complex details of the startup of our business. Made the whole process not feel so overwhelming. Thank you so much. Couldn’t do it without you!.”

    C. Horton