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360 Peer Evaluation Questionnaire

Peer Evaluation Questionnaire

Everyone is asked to participate by completing a peer performance form for each team member, including one for yourself. Team members are advised to resist the temptation to reach out to reviewers and address their input since this negatively impacts the process and sabotages others’ willingness to provide honest feedback.

Rest assured, after all team members have completed their evaluation, each member will receive a report that provides anonymous scores and comments from everyone with your own as a comparison. This is a fair and objective process meant to help you track your perception of your progress and note where improvement or adjustment is needed.

You will then be able to meet with your lead to discuss how those conclusions align with the practice’s goals and objectives. These types of reviews are primarily opinions. Let’s face it—everyone has them and is entitled to them. You do not need to react to them.

Remember, we all have room to improve. Your feedback is not just a critique but an opportunity to work on aspects of your job that can benefit the Practice and, in turn, benefit you. Your honest ratings and comments are not just valuable; they are the key to everyone’s growth and development.