What is an Employee Appraisal?

An employee appraisal, also known as a performance appraisal or performance review, is a systematic process where an employer evaluates the job performance of an employee. It typically involves assessing various aspects of an employee’s work, such as their productivity, quality of work, communication skills, teamwork, punctuality, adherence to company policies, and overall contribution to the organization.

Employee appraisals serve several purposes:

  • Feedback: They provide feedback to employees about their strengths and areas for improvement, helping them understand how they’re performing and what they can do to excel in their roles.
  • Goal Setting: They help set goals and objectives for the upcoming period, aligning individual efforts with organizational objectives.
  • Performance Measurement: They measure and document an employee’s performance over a specific period, allowing managers to make informed decisions about promotions, salary increases, training needs, or disciplinary actions.
  • Development: They identify areas where employees may need additional training or development opportunities to enhance their skills and capabilities.

Employee appraisals can take various forms, such as annual reviews, quarterly check-ins, or project-based assessments. They typically involve input from both the employee being appraised and their supervisor or manager. Effective performance appraisals are conducted in a constructive and transparent manner, focusing on specific, measurable criteria rather than subjective opinions. They also provide an opportunity for open communication between employees and managers to discuss concerns, set goals, and plan for future development.

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