Simplifying the Difficult

“Master your strengths, outsource your weaknesses,” suggests Ryan Kahn. We aid in eliminating knowledge bottlenecks that choke productivity and diminish patient experiences. We help you develop a repeatable dynamic way of delivering value and consistent exceptional results to your patients. 

Human Resource Management

Develop an optimum performance environment with human resources.


Quick, accurate, and timely payroll for your valuable team members. 

Health & Benefits

Acquire health insurance options as an individual plan or a group.

Medical & Dental Billing

Skilled coding and billing to facilitate healthcare revenue cycles.

Regulation & Compliance

HIPAA, OASIS-E, OSHA, CDC, and other federal and state legislation.

Direct & Online Marketing

Use tools and methodologies to promote your business online.


Common Healthcare Issues

human resource consultants

Disorganization and Chaos

Practice Management

Low productivity, unclear expectations, and fewer repeat customers all indicate that your organization suffers without processes in place or the ones that are in existance are inadequate. If they exist, your policies, procedures, checklists, safety data sheets (SDS), and training materials are scattered throughout the office or stored in multiple binders. Your embattled team spends several hours a week looking for information they need to accomplish their tasks if they can find it.

workplace underperformance

Unproductive and Unengaged

Human Resource Management

Inconsistent actionsunproductive employees, and low revenue are all evidence of a Practice in a downward tailspin due to process issues. Underperforming team members can undermine your organization’s performance. Reduce the most common reasons why employees underperform. Unclear expectations, lack of skills, and inadequate training and development opportunities are all barriers to performance success.

data security

Risk and Noncompliance

Regulation and Compliance

Having strong policies and procedures in place demonstrates that the Practice puts safeguards in place for HIPAA, OSHA, infection control, and other State regulatory enforcement. Rules are only effective if everyone follows them – all of them, all the time. Lack of understanding and not investing in technology lend to noncompliance.

Initial Consultation

Start by scheduling your initial discovery (no obligation or cost) conversation with us via video conferencing. Perhaps with a cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer), share with us where you are, what are your goals and needs, and how you would like to proceed with assistance.

talent development

HIPAA Updates

Knowledge on Demand

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Cybersecurity Task Force has shared new resources to help healthcare and public health (HPH) sector organizations combat the growing number of cyberattacks targeting the sector and improve their cybersecurity posture.

The new resources include a new online educational platform that delivers free cybersecurity training that can be used by HPH organizations to raise the security awareness of the workforce, an updated edition of the Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP): Managing Threats and Protecting Patients, which details the top cyber threats faced by the HPH sector, and a report on the current state of cybersecurity preparedness of hospitals, measured against the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Knowledge on Demand (KOD) is an online cybersecurity education platform that includes multiple delivery methodologies to reach the varied size health care facilities across the country. Five cybersecurity trainings that align with the top five cybersecurity threats outlined in HICP are featured for training your healthcare staff, security team, and any other department that is on the front lines for protecting patient safety.

The best part about this resource? It’s FREE!

Free Resource

Thriving as a Solo Private Dental Practice Owner in Today’s Challenging Economy

The opportunity to create something fantastic had attracted many to make their own mark in the dental world. However, the numbers of dentists that have their own practices has consistently declined in recent years.

What can your Dental Practice do to thrive? Get some tips you can apply in your own Practice to survive high turnover and increase employee satisfaction.

In The Business Playbook, serial entrepreneur Chris Ronzio (owner of Trainual) walks you through his proven framework for building a playbook: the profile of your business, the people who work in it, the policies that guide it, and the processes that operate it. He shows you how to codify your culture and create a living document that allows you to let go of day-to-day responsibilities and empower your team to run the business without you.


Coaching & Team Building

professional coaching


Managing Your Business

Running your business hasn’t been a ride in the park. It has been a tough ride. These sessions focus on defining your organizational goals, setting actionable steps, and gaining guidance through the process while utilizing improved skills to motivate, empower, and set accountability in your business. Your professional coach will help you stay on track and motivate you into action.


Motivating Your Team to Increase Productivity

Together, your small team will get a strong sense of belonging when they work towards overarching organizational goals and understand how their role directly affects this outcome. We facilitate your team activity to motivate and engage each team member and assist in defining actionable goals for both the team and the individual.


Quality Value-Based Services


Confidence and Assurance

You can be confident that you are doing what you can to ensure compliance with employment law, HIPAA, privacy and security, OSHA, and infection controls.


Momentum and Control

Strengthen your environment and grow your business while supporting your employees and protecting your patients’ data.


Convenience and Accountability

Your Practice’s policies, procedures, safety data sheets, and checklists are stored in a convenient online system that is accessible via desktop, tablet or smartphone for each employee in your organization.*


Our Recharge Process


People First

People are the most important resource of any business. We assist you in empowering your employees with the tools and resources they need to be successful in their roles and positions in your Practice. Successful employees are game changers! We review your human resource management processes (if they exist, otherwise we will guide you through implementing them) and, if necessary, interview key team members to learn of their challenges.

business process

Then Business Processes

Your Practice would benefit from process documentation (and improvement) if knowledge bottlenecks exist, patient care slip ups happen frequently, and teamwork seems nonexistent. Establishing core processes through accurate documentation and consistent training will strengthen your Practice. We start the documentation process on core systems and then write these into trainable policies and actionable steps thus removing individual dependencies.


Finally, Technology

Our partnerships with solution system providers give you a convenient and accessible way to distribute important organizational know-how to your employees, trainees, and associates all at their fingertips via desktops, tablets, or smartphones. Thus avoiding any excessive time looking for organizational information, reducing knowledge bottlenecks, and supporting the onboarding of new hires and your existing workforce’s professional development.

About US

Recharge Digital Consultants

We are a group of healthcare, human resource, information technology, and marketing professionals with a passion to help small to medium healthcare businesses and their associates succeed. We help with process improvement to better employee recruitment and retention, improve value-based patient care, and safeguard sensitive, protected information.


What Our Clients Say

"Cherisa oversees my office manual, employee documentation, social media presence, etc & 100 other items I don't have the time or desire to keep current. She puts out fires before I see the smoke. What would I ever do without her on my team!"

Dr. W. Neale, DDS, MS

"Cherisa works with me often to assist in the updating of my website. She has such a strong gift of insight into what revisions are needed and what updating is needed in content. Cherisa is organized, creative, punctual and humorous. I thoroughly enjoy working with Cherisa. I would recommend her for new and mature projects."

D. Swift

"Cherisa clearly states the challenges businesses face and helps you find the best approaches that work for you."

J. Browne

"I have worked with Cherisa a few times over the years. She is very knowledgeable about her industry and does a great job of helping your business."

K. McClain

"Cherisa is a knowledgeable and insightful person in business management and IT development. She works well with management and frontline staff and is able to get the right infrastructure set up that works well for all parties involved. She is an asset to all who work with her."

C. Carson

"Cherisa is a knowledgeable, skilled, and dependable professional in business management, technical services, and project management."

M. Meccia