Solutions for Practice Issues

Communicating your organization’s unique ways of doing business is a challenge for many. Getting organized, motivating performance, and ensuring compliance are critical to success – especially when providing value-based patient care. We help you compile your organization’s process materials into an easy to use online emloyee portal. It is designed as “a place to document and train your team members on your company information, policies, processes, and procedures.”

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Remove Knowledge Bottlenecks

When your employees could spend up to 1.5 hours a day searching for information, you need an easy, convenient repository to store, share, and train on your important organizational processes, how-tos, and training materials.


Resolve Practice Issues

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Get Organized

Practice Management

Gather all of your existing policies, procedures, checklists, safety data sheets (SDS), infection prevention, and HIPAA compliance materials in an online employee portal. Manage Practice growth, roles and responsbilities, company culture, employee handbook, organizational policies and procedures, and ensure regulation and compliance.

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Motivate Performance

Human Resource Management

Motivate underperforming team members into providing improved patient care. Communicate culture fit, set clear expectations and performance standards, develop skills, and provide on-going internal training and development opportunities through an online employee portal.

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Ensure Compliance

Regulation and Compliance

Having strong policies and procedures in place demonstrates that the Practice puts safeguards in place for HIPAA, OSHA, infection control, and other State regulatory enforcement. Rules are only effective if everyone follows them – all of them, all the time. Improve and monitor compliance standards with clear searchable policies and procedures.


Benefits of an Employee Portal


Reclaim Lost Productivity

The average employee spends an estimated 28 percent of the workweek managing e-mail and nearly 20 percent looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks.


Ensure Knowledge Transfer

Have confidence that important knowledge has been reviewed – even when a specific deadline is needed, such as the 90-day HIPAA training requirement. Share information needed in specific roles and responsbilities. 


Provide Consistent Patient Experiences

Your entire team can provide a consistent supportive service to each of your patients. Supportive training on the how-to’s of the Practice helps to get everyone in your team on the same page.


Centralized Practice Knowledge Base

Everyone in the Practice will know where to go to find what they need to do their job. And even if they don’t know where something is off the top of their head, they can easily search for it via the search bar.


Improve Job Performance

Support your performance improvement plans (PIP) with assigning specific reviews and training of material to support talent development. 


Support OSHA / Infection Control / HIPAA Compliance

Manage OSHA, Infection Controls, and HIPAA compliance regulations regarding employee training and documenting standards, implementation specifications, requirements, and addressables through a centralized repository.


Why Work with Us?

talent development

Process Documentation

Business Processes

Expending time to document your processes is a time consuming task. Often times details are left off and forgotten. Other times, process documentation can uncover areas of needed improvement. We carefully and diligently interview, capture, and document your businesses processes for you.

Instructional Training Design

Training and Development

Designing training for adult learners can mean the difference in successful outcomes verses poor ones. Whether your intent is for onboarding new hires or developing talent, we can assist with guidance, resources, and deliverables to make your training successful.


Content and Media Creation

Training and Development

Graphics, infographics, images, photos, and videos are all components of an engaging training session. Our creative team utilizes their skills and talents to create educational supports to enhance training materials.


Consulting Resources

Resolve known (or yet undiscovered) issues and enhance business efficiency with assistance.

Privacy and Security Regulations

Do It Yourself

Utilize our do-it-yourself tools to start, grow, and refine your core business processes.

Advertising and Marketing

Done For You

Tap into our experienced professionals with outsourced services.