Automate Your Business Processes

Simplify your business processes by automating your client interactions with an all-in-one client portal. 


Common Business Issues

human resource consultants

Multiple Systems

Information Technology

Having multiple software systems to utilize in your office is hard. Integrate all that you need in one convenient software solution. From contract management, invoicing, billing, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing campaigns, portal pages, and learning management system (LMS), SuiteDash is a perfect solution.

workplace underperformance

Inefficient Processes

Process Improvement

Underperforming team members can undermine your organization’s performance. Reduce the most common reasons why employees underperform. Unclear expectations, lack of skills, and inadequate training and development opportunities are all barriers to performance success.

data security

Stess and Burnout

Human Resources

Having strong policies and procedures in place demonstrates that the Practice puts safeguards in place for HIPAA, OSHA, infection control, and other State regulatory enforcement. Rules are only effective if everyone follows them – all of them, all the time. Lack of understanding and not investing in technology lend to noncompliance.


Benefits of an All-in-One Portal


Client Intake Funnels


Marketing Campaigns


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Email & Drip Marketing


Custom Embeddable Forms


Proposals, Estimates & Invoicing


Contracts & eSigning


Time Tracking & Billing


Projects and Tasks


And So Much More!


How the Buildout Process Works

Learn About Your Business

We learn about the nature of your business, your uniqueness, your current workflows and your goals in moving your business forward.

Process Documentation (Mapping Workflows)

We capture all of the steps in your workflow process. Sometimes, we help identify what doesn’t work and what does to improve your overall operations. 

Automated Solutions

Next, we build-out your primary workflows to automate your business to help you grow.

Buildout System Training

After completion of the build-out, we provide your staff with training. We also provide you with documented workflows in your Operation’s Guide. 

System Training

We provide on-going support to answer relevant buildout SuiteDash questions under your regular maintenance subscription account.

System Modifications

Our on-going support includes modifications to refine a process, and/or leverage new features. Our after-buildout monthly plans help you to continue to run and scale your business with your new system.

For Individuals

As a freelancer, we help build out your SuiteDash system to include the primary processes needed to automate your services for your customers. You are not limited on the number of customers that can access your portal. 

For Teams

Collaboration between your staff and teams couldn’t be easier. Internal direct messaging and chat capabilities supports your employees efforts to successfully and skillfully manage your valued customers.

For Clients

Your clients will love working with you. Simple communication, project collaboration, and easy bill paying options, make your all-in-one solution a win-win for you and your customers.


Why Work with Us?

talent development

Process Documentation

Business Processes

Expending time to document your processes is a time consuming task. Often times details are left off and forgotten. Other times, process documentation can uncover areas of needed improvement. We carefully and diligently interview, capture, and document your businesses processes for you.

Instructional Training Design

Training and Development

Designing training for adult learners can mean the difference in successful outcomes verses poor ones. Whether your intent is for onboarding new hires or developing talent, we can assist with guidance, resources, and deliverables to make your training successful.


Content and Media Creation

Training and Development

Graphics, infographics, images, photos, and videos are all components of an engaging training session. Our creative team utilizes their skills and talents to create educational supports to enhance training materials.

Initial Consultation

Start by scheduling your initial discovery (no obligation or cost) conversation with us via video conferencing. Perhaps with a cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer), share with us where you are, what are your goals and needs, and how you would like to proceed with assistance.


Consulting Resources

Resolve known (or yet undiscovered) issues and enhance business efficiency with assistance.

Privacy and Security Regulations

Do It Yourself

Utilize our do-it-yourself tools to start, grow, and refine your core business processes.

Advertising and Marketing

Done For You

Tap into our experienced professionals with outsourced services.