Business Solutions to Resolve Problems

Communicating and managing important aspects of your business is a challenge. From taking care of employees, invoicing patients, and managing your marketing communications, technology solutions provide the tools and resources you need at your fingertips.


Solutions Come in Different Packages

Employee Training Portal


Our service packages provide your Practice or Associate business with the tools and resources team members need to become proficient and successful in their positions and roles within your organization — all at their fingertips. We provide core policies, procedures, and training modules that are customizable to capture all of the steps in a particular task according to your unique environment. We further assist you with process documentation, training design, and content supports.

Business Management Solution


Our service packages provide your Associate business with know-how to build out SuiteDash to get the most from your system. We gather your need requirements and handle customizing the software to your needs. We help grow your business through your own powerful client portal, great team collaboration tools, marketing campaigns, CRM, payments, and so much more. 

Initial Consultation

Start by scheduling your initial (no obligation or cost) conversation with us via video conferencing. Perhaps with a cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer), share with us what you would like to accomplish by resolving the most challenging aspects of your Practice or Associate business.


What You Can Expect from Us


Client Interest

We understand that your interest is the top priority in any consulting engagement and shall undertake all consulting engagements with complete integrity, objectivity, professionalism, and diligence.


Avoidance of Conflict of Interest

We will not undertake any engagements in which there might be a conflict of interest or the perception of a conflict of interest without first discussing the potential conflict with you. Should a conflict of interest develop during the engagement, we will immediately cease work and discuss such conflict with you.


DIscreditable Acts

We do not commit any unethical or illegal acts.



We keep all information obtained strictly confidential and will not divulge to anyone any such confidential, privileged, or proprietary information regarding you or your organization without express written or oral consent from you.


Reasonable Fees

We have a complete understanding prior to the commencement of the consulting engagement and shall charge reasonable fees relative to the work being performed.


Consulting Resources

Resolve known (or yet undiscovered) issues and enhance business efficiency with assistance.

Privacy and Security Regulations

Do It Yourself

Utilize our do-it-yourself tools to start, grow, and refine your core business processes.

Advertising and Marketing

Done For You

Tap into our experienced professionals with outsourced services.