Security Audits

Security Audits and Assessments

Our security audits systematically evaluate your organization’s administrative, physical, and technology environments.  We use various tools and techniques to assess the current state of an organization’s security posture.

Security Audits
Organizational Governance and Management

Technology Management

Security Audits

Our security audits are comprehensive assessments of your organization’s administrative, physical, and technical systems; typically, this assessment measures your organization’s security posture against an audit checklist of industry best practices, externally established standards, and/or federal and state regulations. We provide consulting and “done-for-you” services to audit, assess, evaluate, create, implement, monitor, and recommend policies, procedures, and guidelines for your organization to improve your security posture.

Starting at $5,875.00 – based upon organizational size.

Importance of an IT Security Audit

An IT audit is the process of examining the information technology systems, infrastructure, policies, and procedures in an organization. It maintains the effectiveness, security, and compliance of an IT environment while ensuring that all employees are following the established security protocols and standards.

Audit findings, assessments, and findings provide a roadmap of your organization’s main information security weaknesses and identify where it is meeting the criteria the organization has set out to follow (if it has been established) and where it isn’t. IT security audits play a pivotal role in preventing data breaches. They are proactive measures that assess an organization’s existing security protocols, identify vulnerabilities, and recommend improvements.

Starting: Review of Organizational Governance and Management

Organizational Governance is the process of establishing and maintaining a framework and supporting management structure and processes to provide assurance that information security strategies are aligned with and support business objectives, are consistent with applicable laws and regulations through adherence to policies and internal controls, and provide assignment of responsibilities, all to manage risk. It provides the structure through which the objectives of the organization are set, and the means of attaining those objectives and monitoring performance are determined.

Policies and standards are considered tools of governance and management. Policies set the stage for what tools and procedures are needed for the organization. These policies provide guidelines for security controls, data protection, access management, incident response, and more. They contribute to a consistent and well-defined approach to managing security and cybersecurity risks. They are the guiding principles for the organization regarding IT and cybersecurity.

Assess and Analysis: Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Risk assessment is a process used to identify potential hazards and analyze what could happen if an incident or event occurs. Risk management is the continuing process of identifying vulnerabilities and threats to the information resources used by an organization in achieving business objectivities and deciding what countermeasures (safeguards or controls), if any, to take in reducing risk to an acceptable level (i.e., residual risk), based on the value of the information resource to the organization.

Process Management Portal

Our Process Management Portal

Our easy-to-use Service Solution Packages include access to our custom Management portal that allows you to manage your employees, employee-related documents, and training at your fingertips. 

  • Share and share your important organizational documents.
  • Allows for electronic signatures.
  • Access to customizable forms, policies, and procedures.
  • Online training modules, such as employment, HIPAA, IPC, OSHA, and more.
  • Customized Employee Onboarding and Orientation.*
  • Customized Compliance Assessments, Review Calendar, and Documentation

Assessment and Audit Process

Security and Cybersecurity Posture

Our security and cybersecurity audit is a comprehensive technology assessment of your organization’s information systems; typically, this assessment measures your information system’s security against an audit checklist of industry best practices, externally established standards, and/or federal and state regulations. It provides a roadmap of your organization’s main information security weaknesses and identifies where it is meeting the criteria the organization has set out to follow and where it isn’t.*

* Completed with your Managed Service Providers (MSP), your IT Department, or our IT MSP Audit Partner. 

Managing with Information Security Policy

As part of your organization’s governance, the information security policy is a set of rules and/or statements developed by the organization to protect its information and related technology. It helps guide behaviors and is the first step toward building the security infrastructure for technology-driven organizations. Small and medium organizations tend to overlook this advantageous policy. We help you formulate yours, even if you are not a start-up.

Day-to-Day Information Technology

Your IT management plans, builds, runs, and monitors activities in alignment with the direction set by the organization’s governance to achieve the organization’s objectives. Procedures and guidelines are the purview of operations. Procedures are documented, defined steps for achieving policy objectives and implementing the intent of the policy. We help you identify the need for specific procedures to improve your organization’s security posture.


Employee Handbook

Your customized legal employee handbooks protect your practice that answer what it is like to work at your business. We keep them compliant when laws change.

Advertising and Marketing

Organizational Management

Organizational governance and management tools of policies and standards set the stage for what rules and procedures are needed.

Privacy and Security Regulations

Business SOPs and Guides

Operational manuals communicate how to complete certain standard jobs and procedures. We help you break them down into easy-to-follow actionable tasks. 

We Work With a Wide Range of Industries

Recharge Consultants

Recharge Consultants LLC proudly assists key players in several industries with consulting, done-for-you, and do-it-yourself services.

Our core process areas of education and experience are in: 

  • Accounting / Bookkeeping
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Customer Experiences / Patient Experiences
  • Regulation / Compliance
  • Security Audits and Assessments

Industries we assist:

    Legal-ishness: Reasonable Assurances, No Guarantees

    A security audit (or any audit) cannot by itself prove anything other than an audit was done. The main reason is that security controls, as a subset of the internal controls of a company, are overseen and owned by the management of that organization. Auditors, as external independent actors, cannot attest to security controls not subscribed to by management.

    Therefore, auditors may only attest to the assertions of the organization’s management, and if necessary security controls to achieve particular principles are missing or inadequate, should qualify their opinion issued to management. It is management who ultimately can decide to secure an organization, not the security auditor.

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