Human Resource Management

“An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success.”  —Stephen Covey

Healthcare Recruiting

Recruiting for your open job position, screen and interview qualified applicants, verify skills and license verification. We also provide employment-based background checks.

Healthcare Employee Handbooks

Your employee handbook communicates your organizational standards for performance, resolves common issues and disputes, and assists in your defense against discrimination and wrongful termination claims. It is also an important on-boarding tool for new hires. 

Healthcare Job Descriptions

Job descriptions aid in hiring the right person, guides on-boarding and training, sets expectations, and gauges job performance. We offer job description templates for your covered entity. Available individually or in a set.

Employee Performance Reviews

Use performance improvement plans (PIP) to formally recognize good performance, motivate for higher performance, or improve mediocre performance. 

Employee Training Protal

Get organized, motivating performance, and ensuring compliance are critical to success – especially when providing value-based patient care. We help you compile your organization’s process materials into an easy to use online emloyee portal. 

Accountability Coaching

It has been your dream to have your own business. The reality is that you are struggling with what to work on next or have difficulties in finishing what you have started. Get the assistance you need to start, grow and manage your business.


Consulting Resources

Resolve known (or yet undiscovered) issues and enhance business efficiency with assistance.

Privacy and Security Regulations

Do It Yourself

Utilize our do-it-yourself tools to start, grow, and refine your core business processes.

Advertising and Marketing

Done For You

Tap into our experienced professionals with outsourced services.

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Human Resource Consultants

Creative a Positive Human Resource Experience

When you focus on human resource (HR) strategies, your HR moves from “putting out fires” to developing an optimum performance environment. You prevent dealing with a workplace environment entrenched in waiting for an issue to come to a head before attempting to handle it to knowing what to do when a problem arises. You also avoid scrambling to add new policies and procedures in response to an issue. Doing so will improve your practice by keeping employees happy so that production is high! 

Our customizable solutions are what you need to avoid HR headaches, such as performance, termination, and compliance issues. It leaves your team focused, as you wish them to, on patient care! This will make a notable difference in your workplace. However, you be the judge. Your production goals will improve. Patient satisfaction will increase. You will not have to deal with workplace chaos. 


Three Parts of Human Resources



Human Resources

Determine what positions are to be filled, detailed and attractive job descriptions for those positions are to be written, and the posting these positions and selecting appropriate candidates are all active parts of procuring the right candidate for the right job.



Human Resources

Helping new hires to be productive team members requires orientation and training for the tasks ahead. The better the support during onboarding, the more likely the new hire will become a successful employee.


Performance Development

Human Resources

On-going training and professional development builds your team members to performance excellence. Adjust and monitor performance and modify training for improvement benefits everyone – the Practice, the employee, and the patient.