Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks are a critical tool in communicating what an employer expects of their employees and what employees should expect from their employer. They provide crucial information about employers, their workplaces, and how employees are expected to fit in. Every organization is different and unique. Yours is no different. That’s why we offer a customized employee handbook at Recharge Digital Consultants. 

Customized Employee Handbook

Human Resources

Customized Employee Handbooks

A well-written employee handbook gives a detailed overview of your policies and procedures. It communicates your organizational standards for performance, resolves common issues and disputes, and assists in your defense against discrimination and wrongful termination claims. It is also a critical onboarding tool for new hires. Avoid needless human resource drama today.

Starting at $1875.00

Importance of a Well-designed Handbook and Risks for a Poorly Written One

Your employee handbook is a critical component of your organization-wide management process that maximizes your achievement of business objectives, empowers your employees, and minimizes legal risk. Your customized employee handbook allows you to make your business more competitive and improve individual and organizational performance.

Outdated or insufficiently drafted employee handbooks can impede the achievement of your business objectives, increase employment-related liabilities, and reduce managerial prerogatives by making promises or commitments to certain procedural safeguards that your business did not intend to make. In short, incorrectly designed employee handbooks can violate the law and have a “chilling effort” on employees’ activities.

In summary, employee handbooks increasingly provide the opportunity for your business to make your workforce more committed and supportive of your business goals. Unfortunately, a poorly written employee handbook can provide the basis for employees’ legal actions – increasingly at the state and local levels – and can significantly reduce your employees’ commitment to organizational success.

We review what you might already have in terms of an employee handbook, or we can start one from scratch. We work with you promptly to produce your organization’s unique, precise, and practical employee handbook based on the details you provided. (Don’t worry. It’s easy to answer our questions.)

Handbook Price Varies According to Regulatory and Compliance Needs

We keep up to date with multiple regulations, such as employment law, HIPAA regulations, and various privacy and security regulations. We will also incorporate applicable rules based on your industry and business. 

Our employee handbooks are available in both print and pdf formats. We also offer an online subscription service that gives administrative access to your handbook via an external website. This online subscription service requires a separate monthly or annual fee to access based on the number of employee accounts needed.

Management Portal

Our Management Portal

Our easy-to-use Service Solution Packages include access to our custom Management portal that allows you to manage your employees, employee-related documents, and training at your fingertips. 

  • Share and share your important organizational documents.
  • Allows for electronic signatures.
  • Access to customizable forms, policies, and procedures.
  • Online training modules, such as employment, HIPAA, IPC, OSHA, and more.
  • Customized Employee Onboarding and Orientation.*
  • Customized Compliance Assessments, Review Calendar, and Documentation

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Hardcopy or PDF Format

Your customized employee handbook is available in two formats –  PDF digital form or hardcopy print. The PDF format allows you to share and print the handbook with others easily. The printed copy is custom bound with limited organizational branding on the cover. (Some terms and conditions apply to each format.)

Adding HIPAA, OSHA, and other regulatory components to your handbook may or may not adjust the final amount of your customized employee handbook.

Employee Training Portal

Offer organization-wide access to your employee handbook through our online portal. Your portal is available through an online subscription service billed monthly or annually based on the number of employee accounts needed via our software partnerships. 

We Work With a Wide Range of Industries

Recharge Consultants

Recharge Digital Consultants proudly assist key players in several industries with consulting, done-for-you, and do-it-yourself services.

Our core process areas of education and experience are in: 

  • Accounting / Bookkeeping
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Customer Experiences / Patient Experiences
  • Regulation / Compliance

Industries we assist:

    Customized Employee Handbooks

    Business Organizations

    Your customized employee handbook sets organizational expectations and standards. It sets compliance requirements needed for your industry. 


    Most healthcare providers must adhere to specific regulations and standards, such as HIPAA and OSHA. Your employee handbook should outline the expectations for employees regarding compliance.

    CPA Accounting Firm Compliance

    Add Fiscal Compliance regulations and standards to your CPA employee handbook for CASB, FASB, GAAP, and GASB.

    Our employee handbooks are customized for your unique organization. Regulatory requirements and standards may adjust what should be included in your employee handbook. Options are given through the checkout process.

    We will review your selections upon purchase. If a mistake was made, we will refund any funds due related to mistaken selections. We customize what should be included and if options were missed, payment will be required on the remaining balance.


    Employee Handbook

    Your customized legal employee handbooks protect your practice that answer what it is like to work at your business. We keep them compliant when laws change.

    Privacy and Security Regulations

    Business Guides

    Operational manuals communicate how to complete certain tasks and jobs. We help you break them down into easy to follow actionable tasks. 

    Advertising and Marketing

    Customer Content

    Educate your customers in the form of blog posts, ebooks, infographics, videos, and more. We help you draft your marketing and sales materials.