Business Coaching

Sessions Frequency Vary

If you desire to become a more proficient leader or co=worker, you need a mentor to provide objectivity, guidance, and assistance with meeting your goals or completing projects. We assist individuals that are seeking professional changes by starting their own healthcare consulting or associated business, struggling with growing their business, or managing their team members.

Individual Coaching Sessions

One-on-one coaching to take you to your next level of leadership. Transform into the professional individual you desire to be.

Professional Team Coaching

While working toward an operational goal, individiual team members work to improve in areas focused upon their own growth needs.


Coaching Session Options

Becoming a Consultant

26 Bi-Weekly Sessons 1 Hour Duraction

It has been your dream to become your own business owner, or to strike out on your own as a healthcare, human resources, or marketing consultant. These sessions focus on defining your goals, setting actionable steps, and gaining guidance through the implementation process.

$225.00 / session


26 Bi-Weekly Sessions 1 Hour Duraction

Running your business hasn’t been a ride in the park. It has been a tough ride. These sessions focus on defining your organizational goals, setting actionable steps, and gaining guidance through the implementation process while utilizing improved skills to motivate, empower, and set accountability in your business.

$225.00 / session

Reputation Management


Present your unique personal branding online and manage relationships to build your business and earn professional relationships.


Why Hire Coaching Services

Improve Performance

Professionally develop skills related to your job position (or desired role) .

Enhance Culture

Foster a more cohesive culture that embraces entrepreneurialship and cooperative experiences within the workplace. 

Executive Presence

Build upon your professional (and individual) skill set with improved communication and listening skills.

Improve Productivity

Cultivate motivational techniques to improve overall productivity and influence others to be engaged in their work. 

External Objective Perspective

An outside perceptive given without the need of accoutability, authority, internal politics and preconceptions is invalueable.

Open Communication

No need to hold back when faced with frustrations and challenges.