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Recharge Digital Consultants help small to medium healthcare-based organizations improve customer experiences, fine-tune your business processes for better efficiency, and empower your employees to maximize efforts to meet your goals. We want you to make a difference – for your customers, for your employees, for your business.

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Recharge Digital Consultants

We are a group of healthcare, human resource, information technology, and marketing professionals with a passion to help small to medium healthcare based businesses succeed. Recharge Digital Consultants aids healthcare-based businesses with crafting and implementing policies, procedures, and workflows – often through the usage of technology – to engage individuals whether they are customers, employees, co-workers, individuals with disabilities, stakeholders, or owners.

We are the right fit for your business if you are looking for a healthcare consultant, dental practice consultant, healthcare office manager consultant, human resource consultant, regulation and compliance consultant, marketing consultant, online marketing consultant, business consultant, business management consultant, and information technology consultant.

What We Do at Recharge Digital Consutlants

We focus on best practices in healthcare administration and management, human resource management, information technology,  regulation and compliance along with advertising and marketing.

We specialize as audit and attestation HIPAA Compliance Consultants, especially since privacy and security regulation (federal and, for some, state) overlap into human resources, information technology, and marketing. Our years of experience in the healthcare industry (and compliance) make us the top choice for small to medium organizations.

Our primary clients are: 

  • Audiologists (Hearing Specialists)
  • Chiropractic Clinics
  • Dental Practices
  • Eye Care Clinics
  • Family Therapists
  • Home Health Care Providers
  • Private Physician and Practitioner Offices
  • Psychologist Offices
  • Rehabilitation Clinics
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)

We also support HIPAA-related business associates.

  • Advertising / Marketing Firm
  • Answering Services
  • Bill and Account Collectors
  • Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Firms
  • Budget and Financial Analysts
  • Cybersecurity and Information Security Analysts
  • Database Administrators and Architects
  • E-Prescribing Services
  • IT Support Specialists, IT Systems Analysts,and IT Engineers
  • Law Firm (Accessing PHI)
  • Management Analysts and Consultants
  • Medical Equipment Provider (Accessing, Containing and Storing PHI)
  • Medical Records and Health Information Specialists (Coding)
  • Medical Transcriptionists
  • Professional Medical Interpreters and Translators

Accredited Small Business Consultants (ASBC)

Recharge Digital Consultants is proud to employ staff that are Accredited Small Business Consultants (ASBC®).  This designation ensures you that we have the knowledge and credibility to assist our clients with improving operational efficiency leading to increased profitability and business value.


American Marketing Association (AMA)

Additionally, Recharge Digital Consultants are members of the American Marketing Association (AMA), enabling us to remain up-to-date on best practices and the latest effective marketing trends.

American Health Information Management Association. AHIMA

American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

Specific Recharge Digital Consultants are certified AHIMA Professional Members of the American Health Information Management AssociationAHIMA provides resources and tools to advance health information professional practice and standards for the delivery of quality healthcare.

Society for Human Resource Management

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Other Recharge Digital Consultants are members of SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management. SHRM is considered the foremost expert, convener and thought leader on issues impacting today’s evolving workplaces.

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

We, of course, have members with HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society). HIMSS is a global advisor, thought leader and member-based society committed to reforming the global health ecosystem through the power of information and technology.

Meet Some of Our Staff

Our staff are respective professionals within their industries. Our consultants maintain memberships with multiple professional organizations to keep their skills up-to-date and sharp.

Cherisa Chapa

Cherisa Chapa

HIPAA Compliant and Practice Management Consultant

Donald Chapa

Donald Chapa

Healthcare Consultant


"Cherisa oversees my office manual, employee documentation, social media presence, etc & 100 other items I don't have the time or desire to keep current. She puts out fires before I see the smoke. What would I ever do without her on my team!"

Dr. William S. Neele, DDS, MS
Implant Dentistry & Perio Rehab

"Cherisa works with me often to assist in the updating of my website. She has such a strong gift of insight into what revisions are needed and what updating is needed in content. Cherisa is organized, creative, punctual and humorous. I thoroughly enjoy working with Cherisa. I would recommend her for new and mature projects."

Don Swift
Don Swift and Associates LLC

"Cherisa clearly states the challenges businesses face and helps you find the best approaches that work for you."

Jack Browne
Profit Ramp

"I have worked with Cherisa a few times over the years. She is very knowledgeable about her industry and does a great job of helping your business."

Kathy McClain
McClain Bookkeeping

"Cherisa is a knowledgeable and insightful person in business management and IT development. She works well with management and frontline staff and is able to get the right infrastructure set up that works well for all parties involved. She is an asset to all who work with her."

Cheryl Carson

"Cherisa is a knowledgeable, skilled, and dependable professional in business management, technical services, and project management."

Michael Meccia

Headquartered in North Texas

Our service area is nationally, but we are headquartered in the Wichita Falls, Texas and Lawton, Oklahoma area. 

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Call: (940) 655-8805
Email: info@rechargedigital.com